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"exploring the human side and the impact of crime"

Latest Episode

Patrick Tidmarsh – The criminologist

For over 20 years, Patrick has worked in the field of sexual offenders. The renowned criminologist has trained police in understanding offenders of sexual crime and how to develop effective interview processes.


Please be aware that Narelle and Patrick talk about sex offending in detail and as such, the content may be not be suitable for everyone. 

   The Show

Narelle was a member of Victoria Police for 27 years, 15 of those as a Detective, doing time at squads including Rape/Sex Crimes, Child Exploitation & Homicide/Missing Persons Unit.  

She dedicated much of her career to the more vulnerable members of our society, in particular abused children & survivors of sexual assault. 

She worked on many high-profile investigations but her real strength?? passion?? was supporting victims & witnesses, often through the frightening & daunting judicial process. Narelle found those who had survived unimaginable grief, cruelty &/or sadness to be her motivation & inspiration. 


Through NFI, you will hear from a diverse collection of fascinating guests, concentrating on the human side of all things’ crime …. the victims/survivors, the witnesses, the protectors & the investigators.  

You will hear extraordinary stories that defy belief, many never before told.  Narelle Fraser Interviews is a compelling podcast series that will educate your mind, touch your heart & more than likely make you laugh….